Boul - Biografie

Frederic Zipperlin is in de circus wereld een succesvol artiest. Hij presenteert zich als Bouffon onder de naam 'Boul'.

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Boul was born in 1989 in Cirque du Soleil in Canada. There the character of the ‘bouffon’, an artificial grotesque figure developed. After three years of touring through the USA and Europe, Frederic Zipperlin was able to give his figure Boul his identity, which makes him such a success today.

He’s not only the imp, the creature from the bubble, he is also an excellent juggler, e.g. a two-time winner of the circus-festivals in Paris. There is a reason for his name ‘Lord of the Balls’.

One special characteristic of the artist, is his experimental and inspired way of translating innovative ideas into unusual performances. Innovation is his theme and gives him the capacity to bring about new creations, again and again, seemingly without effort. The artist also develops unusual ideas for his materials. In 1995 he created ‘Bubble on Water’, a huge, water-tight, transparant bubble, an experience with which Boul transcends the elements.

The ability to combine unusual objects with the high art of juggling, make Boul’s performances an unforgettable experien

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